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Electrical Interiors

It has been a continuous and constant endeavour on our part to give the best to our clients. As a part of extending related services to our esteemed clients we had started an Interior Furniture Division which was received with an overwhelming response. Likewise we have launched a new division the "Interior Electrical Division" which will cater to all your requirements with respect to electrical fittings and accessories for your Apartment / Villa.

We offer you a variety of electrical accessories and fittings to suit your home which are as follows
  • Decorative type Tube Fittings 4'- Slimlite plus of Philips Make.
  • Fancy Wall Light Fittings, Mirror Lamps, Dome lights, Spot lights..
  • Ceiling Fan 48" - Crompton Greaves / Havells Make.
  • Exhaust Fan 6" Fresh Air - Crompton Greaves / Havells Make.
  • Water Heater - Racold / AO Smith Make.
  • Split Air conditioner - Carrier / Voltas/ LG / Samsung/ ETA General Make.
  • Water Purifier - Aqua Guard Make.

We ensure that each fitting is aesthetically fixed in suitable places.

You get the following Advantages by buying electrical fittings from us
  • We provide you a one stop shop for all your Electrical requirements and Accessories.
  • We employ qualified and experienced electricians who will install the accessories and check the performance of the same. This avoids delay in engaging electricians on your part.
  • For any malfunctions of the gadget, customers need not search for an electrician, instead you just need to call us, which ensures after sales service too. We have grave concern and value for your time.
  • The warranty/guarantee provided by the manufacturer will be made available to you.
  • The bulk purchase made by us results in lower rates. We use only quality products of reputed manufacturers.
  • As our caption says the name stands for transparency. We ensure the quality and performance of the installed gadgets.
Disadvantages you face by buying from a local retailer
  • You ascertain your requirements, you search for a shop to buy this product (You may have to hunt in different shops) you have to collect and take it to your home, then search for an electrician, give him the necessary instructions, search for a spot for fixing the items, then the electricians will require wires, cable, brackets and screws to fix these items, again you search to buy these fixtures.
  • The time and energy involved is more when you buy materials from different shops. You have to step into each shop and may be bargain a lot.
  • After the job is over the electrician will not be available for after sales service.
  • Today's pace of life does not allow us the time to run around. You need service in the nick of time which you do not get. We relieve your headaches. No more running around.
Desai Interiors, Innovate, Durable, Reliable, Desai Homes
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